I spied this garden of zinnias when I was driving by a school in my city today. The zinnias were at least 4 feet tall! Of course I had to get out of the car and take some pics, because I was sure there would also be butterflies nectaring. I wasn’t disappointed! It’s planted in memory of a lady named Pat. Well, all I can say is Pat would be happy to see these beautiful flowers and butterflies. It made my day!


I don’t know what I will do when winter comes and there are no butterflies!

All photos taken by me on my iPhone.

Hope you have a great day!

October Vacation in North Carolina

I snapped these beautiful flowers and butterfly at a home located on the perimeter of Willow Valley Golf course near Valle Crucis, North Carolina. I was on vacation at the time.

flowers - Willow Valley Golf Course

North Carolina flowers

NC Flower with Butterfly

This looks like a yellow cone flower with a skipper butterfly.

Yellow Flower with Skipper - NC

Yellow Flower with Skipper – NC