Fly Away Blue Jay!

I was alerted to something amiss in our backyard by our dog Pepper barking her head off about something! We found this sad, wet Blue Jay(juvenile) in our dog’s plastic pool. My husband scooped it out of the pool and I laid it on a towel and put it under a tree, in our side yard,where perhaps it’s parents would tend to it. We’ve seen lots of adults and baby blue jays out and about this spring near this oak tree. Over a time period of about 4 hours I kept checking on it. Once I thought it was dry and placed it on the ground without the towel. I’m happy to show that it dried out and was ready to try flying again. After my last video, I checked back 30 min later and it had flown away. 😊

Poor little blue jay was exhausted from landing in the pool and and getting wet. It just lay there and slept on the towel for awhile!

Dried out and hopping around and flying short distances but still not taking off.

Taking refuge near our tomato plants! 30 minutes later I returned and it was gone!

Blooms and New Growth

Spring has really shown up! Some tulips I planted in pots were very beautiful for a few days. My roses  are putting on a spectacular show. The yellow coral honeysuckle has also bloomed! I spied the first caterpillar of the spring on some fennel a few days ago. Our newest addition to our yard is our double composting bins. We are having fun adding coffee grounds, egg shells and fruit and vegetable peels to the bins along with our fall leaves and spring trimmings!

Spring Roses April 2013

Spring Roses April 2013

Yellow Coral Honeysuckle

Beautiful Blooms on Honeysuckle

Beautiful Blooms on Honeysuckle

Tulips - April 2013

Tulips – April 2013

Tulips - Up Close April 2012

Compost Bins

A Visitor and New Blooms!

I heard this strange bird call and searched the tree for the source.  I was finally able to snap a couple of pictures. I’m not sure what kind of bird this is – I’ve not seen one in my North Texas yard before. It was all by itself. Does anyone know what it is?

Bird in the Red Oak Tree 3/2013

Giant Tulip

Giant Tulip

Daffodils in Bloom

I bought this redbud tree for one dollar many years ago as a bare root tree – It came as a package: ten trees for ten dollars!

Our Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree - Closeup View

Signs of Spring

Several of my herbs have over-wintered on our back porch protected by old sheets on the nights we had freezes! I’m also lucky that our porch only has southern and eastern exposure! I can’t wait to start planting new seeds and plants for the spring! I’m also looking forward to the butterflies returning! Here are some pictures from today! I included a bunny that was visiting and our sweet beagle who is almost 14 years old. I hope you will be seeing signs of spring also, if you are tired of winter!

Fennel - March 2013

Sage - March 2013

Parsley - March 2013

Bunny behind the daffodils in the flower bed 3/02/13

Bunny in our yard March 2013

Biscuit - March 2013