Late Fall Bloomers in North Texas

Stepped outside to capture some shots of flowers and hopefully butterflies on my Copper Canyon Daisies, but I didn’t spy any! I did find lots of bees and other insects enjoying the Mistflowers. We had an early freeze this week, but it wasn’t long enough to damage these flowers! Turks Cap is also still in bloom. An extra special treat was discovering 2 yellow roses. One in bloom and the other still a rosebud.

Mistflower With Insect

Mistflower With Insect

Mistflower with Bee

Mistflower with Bee

Copper Canyon Daisies

Copper Canyon Daisies

Close up of Copper Canyon Daisies

Close up of Copper Canyon Daissies

Turks Cap - Nov. 2013

Turks Cap – Nov. 2013

Turks Cap Up Close

Turks Cap Up Close

Yellow Rose - Nov. 16,2013

Yellow Rose -Nov. 16,2013

Yellow Rose - Up Close

Yellow Rose – Up Close

Yellow Rosebud - Nov.16,2013

Yellow Rosebud – Nov.16,2013

Nature’s Beauty in My Backyard

The following 4 photos were taken with my iPhone. They have a dreamy quality to them that I like.

Lantana Blooms - April 2013

           Blooming Lantana – April 2013

Yellow Rosebud

A yellow rosebud sharing spring’s possibilities.


This is Salvia Lyrata. I love its green foliage with the streaks of purple. It purple flowers are very elegant. Too bad it only blooms in the spring!

Pink Rosebud

I love the color of this rose and it has a wonderful fragrance.

Blooms and New Growth

Spring has really shown up! Some tulips I planted in pots were very beautiful for a few days. My roses  are putting on a spectacular show. The yellow coral honeysuckle has also bloomed! I spied the first caterpillar of the spring on some fennel a few days ago. Our newest addition to our yard is our double composting bins. We are having fun adding coffee grounds, egg shells and fruit and vegetable peels to the bins along with our fall leaves and spring trimmings!

Spring Roses April 2013

Spring Roses April 2013

Yellow Coral Honeysuckle

Beautiful Blooms on Honeysuckle

Beautiful Blooms on Honeysuckle

Tulips - April 2013

Tulips – April 2013

Tulips - Up Close April 2012

Compost Bins