I love when my Lantana returns each spring – so do the butterflies. Now it is July and there aren’t many flowers due to the daytime temps being above 95! The great thing about Lantana is the blooms will return when the weather cools back down to the daytime highs of 80s and then the butterflies will have lots of new flowers!

Lantana in Bloom

Lantana in Bloom – May 2014

Lantana and Butterfly

Lantana and Butterfly – June 2014


Butterfly on Lantana – June 2014

Nature’s Beauty in My Backyard

The following 4 photos were taken with my iPhone. They have a dreamy quality to them that I like.

Lantana Blooms - April 2013

           Blooming Lantana – April 2013

Yellow Rosebud

A yellow rosebud sharing spring’s possibilities.


This is Salvia Lyrata. I love its green foliage with the streaks of purple. It purple flowers are very elegant. Too bad it only blooms in the spring!

Pink Rosebud

I love the color of this rose and it has a wonderful fragrance.