Fly Away Blue Jay!

I was alerted to something amiss in our backyard by our dog Pepper barking her head off about something! We found this sad, wet Blue Jay(juvenile) in our dog’s plastic pool. My husband scooped it out of the pool and I laid it on a towel and put it under a tree, in our side yard,where perhaps it’s parents would tend to it. We’ve seen lots of adults and baby blue jays out and about this spring near this oak tree. Over a time period of about 4 hours I kept checking on it. Once I thought it was dry and placed it on the ground without the towel. I’m happy to show that it dried out and was ready to try flying again. After my last video, I checked back 30 min later and it had flown away. 😊

Poor little blue jay was exhausted from landing in the pool and and getting wet. It just lay there and slept on the towel for awhile!

Dried out and hopping around and flying short distances but still not taking off.

Taking refuge near our tomato plants! 30 minutes later I returned and it was gone!

Hummingbird Visitor


Black Chinned female hummingbird

This Black-Chinned Hummingbird(female) had visited my yard the evening before, choosing to taste the Turks Cap blossoms. I was unable to capture the moment, so I was delighted the next morning when it returned to my yard. It visited my Turks Cap again and my Rose of Sharon. Alas, this is the only photo I was able to snap before it dashed away! The Black-Chinned Hummingbirds fly zone is from the Southern United States and Mexico through British Columbia.