Preserving Valentine’s Day Flowers

Here is some handy information on preserving cut flowers!

The Redneck Rosarian


Well, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived for the floral trade: Valentine’s Day.
Roses dominate the United States as the #1 flower to give on this occasion and folks are always wanting to know how they can preserve extend the life of the blooms they receive.


Here are my tips for getting the most our of your Valentine’s Day bouquet

  • If they arrive in a box or wrapped in cellophane, remove them immediately and prepare them for a vase as follows:
    • Fill your container with equal parts water and lemon-lime soda (sprite or 7UP)
    • Add two aspirins
    • Cut the end of the stems of each of the flowers and foliage you receive. The roses don’t care whether you cut straight across or on a slant. Just cut them. This cut allows the stems to be hydrated.
    • As soon as you cut them plunge the stems into the…

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