Magnificient Monarchs

     My family and I were treated to the amazing view of Monarchs migrating through the Dallas/Ft. Worth area today in Plano, TX. We saw them nectaring on these white flowering bushes along a creek near our church which is about 15 minutes from my home. We watched them and took pictures with my iPhone for at least 10 minutes. About an hour and a half later, we returned to take some photos with my Sony camera. It was amazing! There were even more now on several white flowering bushes(might be False Willow) and a few on the Goldenrod that were blooming.  Hopefully there will be another North wind to push them on to Mexico and their wintering grounds!

Monarchs migrating thru Plano. Oct. 2014

Monarchs migrating thru Plano. Oct. 2014

Monarchs Nectaring in the middle of migrating to Mexico.

Monarchs nectaring in Plano,TX..



Laura and Monarchs



Monarchs Plano7


Monarchs on Goldenrod



Me and the Monarchs


12 thoughts on “Magnificient Monarchs

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  2. Beautiful pictures. The white flowering bush looks similar to Saltbush (Baccharis halimifolia) which is blooming now in FLorida. The yellow flowers are goldenrod, not ragweed. (Sorry, I’m into wildflowers and had to set the record straight.)


    • Thank you so much for telling me about the ragweed/goldenrod error. I’m going to correct it on my blog entry! I just looked it up on the internet and apparently lots of people get them confused! I just watched a video by a master gardener. Thanks again! 🙂


  3. Amazing. Truly beautiful. What a treat. I have been asking family in TX to watch for them as I noticed most of the monarchs leaving MN a couple weeks ago. Thank you!


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