Winter Comes In Like A Lion!

Winter arrived more than 16 days early with a vengeance to North Texas! A sleet and ice storm covered everything in my garden. We have some broken branches and everything will be suddenly thrown into winter mode now! Two days later this nandina is beautiful in the frozen sleet!

Nandina in Frozen Sleet

Our Pecan tree with broken branches!

Our Pecan Tree with Broken Branches

Copper Canyon Daisies cover in ice!

Copper Canyon Daisies covered in ice!

Cosmos Daisies up close with ice.

Oak Tree and Holly Covered in Ice

Oak Tree and Holly Covered in Ice

Red oak and holly bushes covered in ice.

Oak tree on the driveway covered in ice with broken branches.

Oak tree covered in ice with broken branches.

Ice-covered branches

Ice-covered branches

Ice Covered Red Oak Leaves

Ice-Covered Red Oak Leaves


2 thoughts on “Winter Comes In Like A Lion!

  1. Burrr…. BTW, it took me three tries to get to your site. Don’t know why…. 😦 Love the photos, but it must be difficult to take. I was in South Lake Tahoe about 10 days ago. Temp. was around 30 F at the time. It was too cold for me to operate my camera. I am a pansy!! 🙂


    • Sorry I’m just now replying – I have been very busy at work and getting ready for Christmas! I’m glad you enjoyed my photos!
      Maybe the server for my blog was down! I was just so fascinated with ice covering everything, that I didn’t get very cold while taking the photos!


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