A Visitor and New Blooms!

I heard this strange bird call and searched the tree for the source.  I was finally able to snap a couple of pictures. I’m not sure what kind of bird this is – I’ve not seen one in my North Texas yard before. It was all by itself. Does anyone know what it is?

Bird in the Red Oak Tree 3/2013

Giant Tulip

Giant Tulip

Daffodils in Bloom

I bought this redbud tree for one dollar many years ago as a bare root tree – It came as a package: ten trees for ten dollars!

Our Redbud Tree

Redbud Tree - Closeup View

Signs of Spring

Several of my herbs have over-wintered on our back porch protected by old sheets on the nights we had freezes! I’m also lucky that our porch only has southern and eastern exposure! I can’t wait to start planting new seeds and plants for the spring! I’m also looking forward to the butterflies returning! Here are some pictures from today! I included a bunny that was visiting and our sweet beagle who is almost 14 years old. I hope you will be seeing signs of spring also, if you are tired of winter!

Fennel - March 2013

Sage - March 2013

Parsley - March 2013

Bunny behind the daffodils in the flower bed 3/02/13

Bunny in our yard March 2013

Biscuit - March 2013